Hi my name is Kirsten, I’m the face behind Mount Joy Cottage and this is our story.
3 years ago I didn’t know a thing about flowers and I was in a pretty bad place mentally after a car accident in Nov ’13. Since then my garden has become my sanctuary, a place of calm and joy amongst the medical chaos.
I am now a qualified florist having completed Bloom College’s Career Change course. My family and I grow and arrange seasonal blooms from my parents 1/2 acre backyard in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We grow a wide variety including dahlias and spring bulbs amongst many others.
I love to create joyful floral arrangements with soul. Florals with texture and colour. Florals that make your feel something when you see them for the first time. I am passionate about growing flowers but nothing excites me more than wandering around the garden picking a special bunch of blooms to create with.
I am so incredibly grateful to my brother @gardeningwithelliot for forcing me to sit outside with him while he was gardening late at night after work. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but from there my passion for growing flowers and creating with them grew.
Pottering in the garden and picking flowers to take to people has been incredibly healing for me. Being able to appreciate the incredible beauty of nature and the joy in people’s face at spontaneous floral gifts has helped me to believe in the good again.
My beginning with flowers hasn’t necessarily been a pretty one, sometimes it still isn’t. But to put it bluntly it has saved my life. Honestly I mean that pretty literally. Where I was before wasn’t living and now I feel I’m starting to create a life that I love.
I am so incredibly proud of the flowers we grow and florals that enable me to create and I cannot wait to share them with you.
Although, I do have to admit most of the credit has to go to my brother Elliot and my parents for my/our flowers. They put in alot of work to help me in the growing side of things and have to put up with my consistent quite often annoying plant buying.
My flower journey and I are still a work in progress, as I believe most of us are. But I do know this. ” I must have flowers, always, always” – Monet


kirsten moore
farmer florist and creative

Flowers are my passion and my garden is where my heart lies. My start with flowers was an unexpected one, but now i don’t know what i would without them.

elliot moore

Flower growing genius and construction jack of all trades, my brother has taught me pretty much everything I know about flowers. He is my gardening sidekick and my greatest supporter.

michael & susan moore
farm support

My Mum and Dad are the guardians of the garden. They water them, love them, weed them and feed them. Without them, the flowers would not be and most certainly would not thrive. They make the garden go round.