Flagging Tape 25mm x 75m


Flagging tape 25mm x 75m.
Flagging tape is an essential item in the garden. Perfect for writing names and attaching to plants so you know what they are. (Particularly important for bulbs/tubers/perennials, that die down so you can identify them)
Especially hand for labelling Dahlia clumps before digging and attaching to bulb crates to identify what bulb/tuber/plant is inside it.
Very multipurpose and we find flagging tape essential to tag our dahlias.

Available in Blue, Pink, White, Orange and Yellow

(NOTE: Harvesting tools – aka snips and pruners, will start shipping out with dahlia orders in September, If you need them before then please contact us before placing your order. After dahlia tuber season has finished snips will be posted out as the orders arrive)

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